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This workshop is designed to address traditional mindsets and ministry development strategies that have not included the importance of the mission’s directives given to us in Scripture. It is meant to instigate a discussion around missions in the traditional ministry paradigm for many churches. This workshop will also touch on the scriptural support for the mission’s involvement in the local church. It is not designed to confront anyone but to be a suggested realignment that holistically encompasses things that concern God.

We desire to present ministries some of the things they could do to turn a church towards missions slowly. In all of this, we need them to understand that everything starts with God appointing a leader. We would also like to ask the church to evaluate its core values to see if they are mission-friendly and rooted in biblical truth. We want to answer how you can begin to include missions in your ministry efforts with a Missions Mindset though we are in a Selfie World.




International Churches


1st Monday of each month!


Join us for a round table every 1st Monday of each month to discuss how we can join forces to support and learn more about mission.


Mission is our DNA

BMI’s mission trips are life changing!  Each is designed to bring glory to God by winning souls, helping to build strong disciples, strengthening church leaders and engage in humanitarian projects.

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Through your prayers, your labor, and your investments, your influence will impact the lost, unreached and the Body of Christ. We are confident that you will experience the same joy and fulfillment that we do in ministering worldwide.

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