We Can Work to Stop Hunger

We Can Work to Stop Hunger

We support and assist with eliminating global hunger by developing food pantries in communities where they are needed and by supporting food pantries where they exist. Our intent is to continue to help families improve their quality of life, by informing them and assisting them in their time of need.

Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to neighborhoods and nations. God teaches us the gospel through his Word; So, it stands to reason that we must speak and teach the gospel to others. The truth about who God is, which is what Jesus came to do, and how we are to respond to him. It’s no wonder that Paul often described his evangelistic ministry as a teaching ministry. We want to see people move from darkness to light. Having that aim we model gentleness because we know that souls are at stake. And we know what it means to truly convert: a true Christian has put his complete faith and trust in Jesus, so much so that he has repented of a lifestyle of unbelief and sin.

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