Technology Upgrade Effort

As our churches and ministries grow, they will need the right technical tools to manage their teams, finances, and service elements.  We are amazed at how the right tools can launch your communication and productivity to higher heights. Technology can be used to create a more engaging and meaningful worship experience for adults and children.  It can serve as a bridge to your community as you provide a space for Zoom meetings and connections. Church leaders need to be intentional in how technology is applied; Every church struggles with paying for and keeping its technology current. Some leaders see it as frivolous, while others see it as being too expensive. Yet, our technology (or lack thereof) often shapes the church’s perception by visitors and members. These upgrades have become mandatory for our ability to communicate with our missionaries and pastors.  These upgrades are also vital to our online training efforts.

BMI is currently looking at an upgraded strategy for Mobile phones and possibly tablets for the pastors serving abroad.


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June 12, 2021

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