Pastoral Training Incentives

Ministry Training

Leadership training is at the core of the Biblical method for expanding the Kingdom. Both the Old and New Testaments focus on training leaders who will change the world. In the Old Testament, Jethro challenged Moses to create a leadership structure and leadership development system. In the New Testament, we see that Jesus spent three years training His disciples closely, then he sent them out to change the world!  In God’s welfare system, First, all people must have an opportunity to get their needs met. Secondly, the people who have needs must be willing to work for them. Thirdly, when these first two principles are working, a person’s dignity is affirmed, and they feel empowered.

The funding from this project will be used to purchase Internet air time.  This will allow the pastors access to online training that has been provided for them.  It is also our hope that this might be an incentive that encourages them to take the training.


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June 20, 2021

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