Social Improvements

Social Improvements

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Boundless is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry that has for twenty years worked with undeveloped countries to share the gospel and to provide education, entrepreneurship, and general health improvements.

Producing programs and ministry projects that transform believers into mature and thriving disciples for global leadership. empowerment is an important aspect of God’s care for the poor. In Deuteronomy 24 and Leviticus 19, God instituted the cleaning system. The farmers harvested their crops but were only allowed to go through the field one time. What was left behind or dropped on the ground was available for any widow, alien, orphan or poor person to come and harvest. This program was one that empowered people.

Three principles come out of God’s welfare system in the Old Testament. First, there must be an opportunity for people to get their needs met. In Deuteronomy and Leviticus, this happened to be a field with food in it. Secondly, the person who had a need must be willing to work for it. The widow, orphan or poor person must go into the field and harvest the crops. This, then, involved work on the part of the poor. Thirdly, when these first two principles are working, a person’s dignity is affirmed. All people have inherited dignity by being created in the image of God. Oftentimes, charity demeans a person and strips him or her of dignity.

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