Our Vision: To see African American and multi-ethnic churches identifying, sending and supporting people going into global missions.

Our Mission: To give birth to mission innovations that help fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Purpose: To introduce, inspire, and equip African American and their churches to be engaged in the Great Commission to the nations.

Our Target Audience: Influencers and innovation in the churches (e.g. lay leadership, ministers, elders, senior pastors, apostles, etc.) who have a growing heart for the nations.

Our Focus: Primarily, NAAMC exists as a conference to transform attendees into effective advocates in establishing a global mission ministry within their local church. Secondarily, NAAMC promotes initial short term experiences in mission (through their mission agency partners) that may lead to long-term service if desired. Lastly, we endeavor to equip church influence and innovators to take action in keeping their churches involved in the Great Commission.

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