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Center of International Ministry Training

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Pastoral Leadership


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BMI is dedicated to training pastors and leaders for the unique challenges of church planting and pastoral training on an international scale. Grounded in a commitment to academic excellence and practical ministry experience, BMI prepares individuals to establish and lead thriving, culturally relevant churches in various global settings.

Bishop of BMI Church Oversight

Bishop Dennis Smith

what we offer

We Shape the Perfect
4 Stars System for Growth


BMI is committed to providing a robust structural framework for aspiring pastors, ensuring a solid foundation for their ministry endeavors.


BMI focuses on strategic training methodologies to equip pastors with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of pastoral ministry.


BMI is dedicated to providing pastors with practical solutions to the challenges they may encounter in their ministry roles.



BMI is dedicated to preparing pastors for sustainable, enduring, and impactful ministry by emphasizing holistic sustainability.


Plan development

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Structured courses covering biblical studies, theology, pastoral care, and leadership.

Mentorship Program:

  • Personalized mentorship to guide students through their academic and spiritual journeys.
  • Structured mentor-mentee relationships fostering accountability, support, and professional development.

Church Internships:

Integration of real-world experience through monitored church internships.

Community Engagement Projects:

  • Collaborative projects with local communities to identify and address specific needs.
  • Practical solutions for building bridges and connecting with diverse community members.

Innovative Ministry Solutions

  • Workshops focusing on innovative approaches to contemporary ministry challenges.
  • Integration of technology and creative solutions for effective ministry outreach.

Spiritual Formation Retreats

Regular retreats to foster personal spiritual growth and resilience.

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