Bishop Dennis Smith


Bishop Dennis Smith severs Boundless Ministries Inc. in the area of Church oversight and Ministry development.  Bishop Smith oversees the church development of BMI church plants in Uganda.  The churches in Uganda are currently in various stages of growth and requires at least one annual visit per year.  He meets with the Churches in that region, spends time with their leadership and families. He is involved with training and certifying the pastors and leaders that are under the oversight of Boundless Ministries Inc. 

He works to bring a clear vision to help international churches navigate toward health and growth by offering services into three areas; Learn, Plan and Act. With church health assessments, workshops, and coaching. He understands that Leadership Capital is the ability  to fit the specific needs of each church, resulting in effective ministry impact. His work involves congregational spiritual maturity, a culture of healthy leadership, discipleship-making, and more. When a church is properly resourced financially, spiritually, and in leadership, lives are transformed.


Seeks to achieve ministry that touches the whole person.